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The User Engagement Playbook



🦄 The app everyone is talking about

Everyone wants to build an app that goes viral. An app that users open every time they come close to their devices. An app that is not just a one hit wonder, but which users stick with and use forever. That's where Rethink User Engagement comes in. 

We found a way to construct user engagement as a framework you can optimize your features against. 


📊 User Engagement Analytics  

Analytics give us incredible insights into how our products are used and from that we derive the evaluation of its performance. However, all that this allows us to do is to try different things over and over until we find something that moves the needle on our dashboards. You just can't make your user use the product more often, just because your goal is more daily active users. 


💡 Rethink User Engagement

What if there would be a way to predict how your next feature will impact those metrics? We believe to know such a way.

We've developed a framework that puts a quantitative score on the capability of an app to foster user engagement. The framework rates the 15 most important mechanisms an app has to employ in order to generate user engagement. If you can now learn how to best construct and employ those mechanisms, you'll see your metrics move as a result.   



Rethink User Engagement is a self-service workshop that will help you:

  • Construct apps & features maximizing user engagement
  • Understand & implement the underlying mechanisms that foster user engagement
  • Take the guesswork out of adding new features
  • Move the needle on all relevant user engagement metrics, i.e. DAU, Avg. Session Length, Avg. User Lifetime. 


🔑 You'll get access to:

A multi-part video series that walks you through the framework, mechanisms and best practices.

A scoring system that allows you to evaluate your app(s) against (continuously & forever).

Actionable exercises that improve your app's user engagement in 15 dimensions. 

Lifetime access to future versions of this workshop.



While this has been a highly successful workshop when conducted in a personal setting, it is the first time we try to make these workshops accessible. So, we're offering limited pre-launch prices that will increase every 15 sales. 

As with all that we do at Project Fuze, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you're unhappy with the workshop on launch, we'll refund you in full, no questions asked (eager for feedback though!).  

For the first 15 curious innovators starting at $45

15 early adopters @ $75

Launch Price: 30 @ $149

Post-Launch Price: $279

We reserve the right to increase the price with future iterations of this workshop.


🧐 How can we make such claims?

Rethink User Engagement is a workshop created by our founder David Fuesser who has used the methodology, on which the workshop is based, in working with large international corporations and venture-backed startups to increase their user engagement metrics. 

He's also been leading the team that developed the methodology, tested & measured it with 100+ apps and was, in all honesty, himself astonished how well the framework predicted their relative performance in user engagement metrics across the board.

We sincerely hope, you're curious enough to put the methodology to the test yourself and use it to build amazing products!