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”It’s lonely at the top”

Every leadership role sets you apart and puts you on the spot.
Ultimately you are responsible for the outcomes you’re driving.

I will provide you with the conversations and input you need to add objective perspective, remove blindspots, and supercharge your progress.

Let’s turn this responsibility into opportunity!

Advisory with a twist

A subscription to defeat what seems impossible.

I didn't reinvent the wheel,
just advice.

Advice doesn't have to be messy, expensive, one-size-fits-all, complicated, or a waste of time.

It's coaching+, it's consulting+, it's mentoring+, it's a mastermind+.
It's effective!

Advice as you know it is over. Advice as you want it just arrived.
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Building a plane while flying it? Let’s make sure you have the parts you need.

Having built and sold a company, I’ve been in your shoes before. Having worked with multiple startups across various stages and industries, I can help you stay ahead and ensure you’ll never lose track. Let’s work together so you can grow your company beyond what is currently possible.

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Hit a growth plateau with your product? Let’s bend this hockey stick upwards again.

My consulting and advisory work has engaged 10M+ users. We’ll identify the mechanisms to employ, remove user friction, and supercharge your relevant KPIs.

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Navigating the field of tension between corporate & startup? Let’s make sure you capitalise on the benefits of both.

I’ve started in innovation management & wrote my master thesis on corporate innovation. With the experience of countless projects in and around large corporations, I can help navigate the various stakeholders to successfully lead your project to maturity.

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I will give you super powers!


Eliminate noise and distraction to make sound decisions. 

Achieve your goals

Increase the likelihood of achieving your goals by 76.7% and more.

Break through barriers

Utilize models & systems to go beyond what you can do today. 

Subscription benefits

Perks so good you don't need to think twice.

Unlimited requests

Submit as many challenges as you want or need. 

Tailored to you

Your challenge, your advice. No "one-size-fits-all".

Fixed monthly rate

No surprises! No need to manage budget.   

Digestible & actionable

Distilled on one page, diagram, or similar. 

24 hour delivery 

Advice when you need it,
(usually) Monday to Friday. 

Your Weekly Progress Call

The centerpiece of our progress cadence  

Our weekly 60 minute video call deep dive.

We start with a look back at the progress made during the past week.

The main part is the challenge or topic you want to discuss in that week. I will ask you to submit the topic at least 24 hours in advance, so I can work through the challenge, pull in resources if necessary, and prepare thoughtfully. We will then have a structured and goal-oriented discussion to arrive at a decision or plan of action.

About me

Hi, I'm David.

I spent the last decade building organizations around new products and construct systems to unlock growth for existing products that have touched 10M+ people.

Started a successful boutique consulting firm in 2017, walked away in 2021 to focus on advising ambitious founders and building products for progress.

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Three reasons I am the right person to do this with

#1: People I've worked with say so

“David is a paragon of modern leadership. Genuinely striving to get the best out of everyone around him.”

“He gets to the bottom of it and always finds a way to connect the most granular dot to the bigger picture.”

“David is a personified initiator and carries the entire team with his visionary approach and thinking.”

#2: Apparently I'm made to do this

16 Personalities says I'm the Debater Type:

Debater [...] tends to be bold and creative, deconstructing and rebuilding ideas with great mental agility.

Taking a certain pleasure in being the underdog, Debaters enjoy the mental exercise found in questioning the prevailing mode of thought, making them irreplaceable in reworking existing systems or shaking things up and pushing them in clever new directions

Armed with a powerful intellect and vivid imagination, Debaters can overcome or outmaneuver obstacles that seem unbeatable to most.

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Strengths of a Debator that could be valuable for you

Source for all things personality:

#3: I love and enjoy it!

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