Giving back

15% of all sales go towards causes that help make this world a better place through progress

I can't wait until I "made it" to give back. Contributing from the beginning will start compounding our impact from now on. 

I believe progress in the world is achieved through three pillars.


to foster understanding


to achieve self-reliance


enabled by global access

 All current causes go back to a personal involvement & relationship to ensure the direct impact of this support.

I will provide full transparency about the funds distributed once legally cleared.



Youth With A Mission
San Pedro, Dominican Republic

Kids don't go or don't finish school because they need to stay home to watch the "house" while the parents are trying to find work. That's a vicious cycle. 

Homes of Hope is an amazing construct of a team on the ground coordinating everything and building relationships in the community, while teams from around the world donate a house for a family in need and go to the Dominican Republic to build the house with the receiving family and their community in three days.  

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Centro Yanachaga, Huancabamba, Peru

Impacting the next generation of impoverished families in the Peruvian backcountry by offering housing, schooling, and practical apprenticeship to girls and boys. 

The kids, who are often too much for their families to take proper care of, live together on a hacienda, go to the local secondary school in the morning and learn valuable practical traits (i.e. bakery, farming, mechanics, carpentry, etc.) at the on-site workshops in the afternoon. After graduating, they open workshops in their local villages, become teachers or some even earn scholarships for university. 

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Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Nairobi, Kenya

Famous for the "most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world".

My wife and I are proud foster parents of little Rokka. Wildlife protection is close to our hearts and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust achieves tremendous impact, embedded deeply in the local community, to safeguard not only the animals but also their natural habitat. 

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