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Hi, I'm David.

Over the last decade, I was fortunate to learn from and work with exceptional individuals and teams across four continents on fascinating challenges with digital products, innovation, incubation, and company-building.

I’ve helped build organizations around new products, construct systems to unlock growth for existing products, and overcome arising challenges with effective antidotes. Former clients include large public corporations, high growth start-ups, corporate ventures, as well as mid-sized family-owned businesses all the way to early incubation projects.

In 2017, I've co-founded KADACON - The Interaction Factory, a boutique consulting firm focused on bridging our clients’ digital ambitions to their analogue human team & customers.

Despite being a successful entrepreneur on paper, I felt stuck. I was managing people and projects, in the places where I had to be. So, my wife and I left what we know and decided to completely reconstruct our lives. I’ve turned down all offers and committed to working solo and location-free. We’re now on a quest to find the place where we want to be.

I spend all of my energy on identifying and solving problems with ambitious entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to instigate change and chase progress.  

What others say about me


“David is a paragon of modern leadership. Genuinely striving to get the best out of everyone around him.” 


“He gets to the bottom of it and always finds a way to connect the most granular dot to the bigger picture.”


“David is a personified initiator and carries the entire team with his visionary approach and thinking.” 

We'll never run out of challenges worth overcoming!

I don't want to be right. I want to get it right!


I chase progress. There is just so much more we haven't figured out yet. I want to ignite hunger for advancement again in a ("first") world that has become complacent and pretty satisfied with the status quo.

I want to help unlock the potential of teams and organizations to go on and do amazing things.

I'm not interested in winning the process (anymore, but that's another story). I can connect both worlds. I understand the systems and can play them, but that won’t hold me back from originality.

That implies that there are no out of the drawer solutions I'm trying to sell as repetition bores me.

I don't tell you what I already know and hope for the best. I use what I know to help you figure out your challenge or next step. And if I don't know enough, I'll find out or find someone who does.

Let's build!

Some Quick Facts


International Business Studies, B.A.
in Germany, China, United States

Masters in Management, M.Sc.
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany
ESAN Graduate School of Business, Peru


Innovative Management Partner

P3 Group

KADACON - The Interaction Factory