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The User Engagement Audit

Ready to identify your product's potential to increase user retention?

You're building a product, but you know it could do better. Users just don't engage as well as you expected them to engage.
→ They sign up, but never come back.
→ They're not using the features you've built.
→ They use it for a while, but retention is tough.

This framework worked on 10M+ users. 

I'll show you how to unlock your product’s potential to maximize user engagement & retention.

Full breakdown & actionable recommendations within 6 days instead of months of unsuccessful trial & error experimentation.

Simple, convenient, but effective.

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The User Engagement Audit - Take the guesswork out of user engagement & retention. | Product Hunt

What you'll get:

  • ONE quantified score, with an in-depth analysis of your product on the 15 most relevant mechanisms for user engagement.
  • Actionable recommendations on how to strengthen those mechanisms & improve your product to maximize engagement.
  • All delivered in 30-45 minutes of On-Demand Presentation to repeatedly dig into at your own convenience
  • BONUS: 45 minutes Q&A call. Ensure clarity of feedback & recommendations.

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The User Engagement Audit

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The User Engagement Audit seems too extensive for your needs?

You have a new feature in the pipeline and want to make sure you get it right?

You are struggling to drive engagement in one part of your product?

The 'Feature Review' will illuminate the potential barriers and untapped potential.

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How to generate User Engagement

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Average effect on selected KPIs for each 5 points increase on User Engagement Score
# Reviews in App Store / Download
# Sessions / Day / User

Avg. Time Spent / Session

User Engagement Score - Top 7 Apps*

(*in 120+ evaluated since 2019 / Score at the time of evaluation) 

1. Candy Crush

2. Duolingo

3. Mario Kart Tour

4. Instagram

5. Elevate - Brain

6. LinkedIn

7. Nike Run Club

Origin Story & Behind-the-scenes

Some Case Studies of User Engagement Scores

The User Engagement Audits are delivered with commentary in a convenient video format.

Calm scores 64 on User Engagement. 

Fantastic & clever deployment of user engagement mechanisms. They are getting a lot right.

Surprisingly, they leave a lot on the table with their onboarding.
It gets more effective with their premium plan.

Check them out:

Bunch HQ scores 70 on User Engagement. 

The results for @bunch_HQ's app are here.

A User Engagement Score of 70 (on a 0-100 scale) is top of class!

With coming updates the User Engagement Score will likely increase to 75.

Check them out:

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User Engagement Audit vs. Feature Review

User Engagement Audit


Ideal for SaaS Founder & Product Lead

  • ONE quantified score, with an in-depth analysis of your product.
  • Actionable suggestions  to maximize engagement.
  • 30-45 minutes of On-Demand Presentation
  • BONUS: 45 minutes Q&A call.

Limited availability before going to $1,400

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Feature Review


Ideal for Product Owner & Manager

  • Structured Review with Video Commentary in a On-Demand Presentation
  • 20min Follow-up Call to ensure clarity of feedback & ability exchange more thoughts and ideas.


Limited availability before going to $249

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